Enjoy the beauty of large, readable contacts and a big dialer keypad.
Face to call is powered by a smart algorithm to automatically construct your contacts list. It dynamically updates a list of your top contacts based on call frequency.

Face to call stores all of your call logs locally. Most devices limit call logs to the last 500 calls. With Face to call this limitation does not apply, your call history will never be lost.

Face to call is all about social. Face to call allows you to use images from Facebook, even for people that are not your friends on Facebook. Face to call will allow you to grab their photo from any Facebook content in the public domain.

The full list of features FaceToCall offers to include:

★ Large contact images
★ Big Dialer phone keypad including easy to use copy/paste buttons
★ Start a call, SMS or Email with any contact directly from the app
★ Automatic updates of your top contacts list - The people you talk to the most
★ Ability to link and unlink contacts
★ Unlimited call logs
★ And many more features to make editing and updating your contacts simple and easy

Face to call is a free application, with no virtual goods!
Download, use and enjoy it.

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